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9 Top Quality Products that Pakistan Exports

9 Top Quality Products that Pakistan Exports

Ever wonder what are the top products that Pakistan exports. Pakistan is the land of many natural resources and its land provides amazing products. Pakistan has many bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with many countries and also the member of the World Trade Organization. Every country has its own unique products and due to these…

Major Import and Export of Pakistan

Major Imports and Exports of Pakistan

Today Pakistan meets most of the requirement the foreign investors are looking for. Despite the political issues foreign investors are attracted to invest in Pakistan. And we hope Pakistan’s economy will get better in future. Security concerns of the investors are improving gradually. Import and export play a big role in the country’s economy. It…

import services in pakistan

Best Import Export Services in Pakistan

The Genius Impex is a platform that helps you in the import and export of all kind of products from around the world. It is the best place to enhance your trade and import-export business in Pakistan. It helps you in growing your business and international deals in importing and exporting services. This online trading…